The Bailey Quick-Trim II

The new Bailey QT2 is more versatile than ever! More and more potters are making organic shaped pots, with altered or multi-sided forms.  With the Quick-Trim IITM, it's easy and fast.  Our devise will accept virtually ANY shape of form which is something other centering devises can’t do.  We have (4) additional heights of holders which can be purchased separately.

3 New Models
We now have a 12.5" Quick-Trim IITM for the economical Shimpo Aspire!   Then we have the standard size 15.5" and the extra large 23.5" diameter.  Both larger units have 10" hole centers for bat pins to fit the wheel head, and for customers owning old  wheels with 9" bat pin centers, we have predrilled "starter" holes on the underside that can be drilled through for mounting.

It's much more affordable.
The Quick-Trim IITM has a very economical price, making it very attractive for beginning potters as well as professionals.

The Quick-Trim IITM has the advantage of (4) holders for securing the pots.
1)  Fast independent adjustment of every holder against any type of pottery   shape.

  1. 2) Holding multi-sides forms.

  2. 3) Holding artistic organic "asymmetrical" pottery forms.                                      

  3. 4) Superior holding power by applying “equalized” holder pressure from opposite sides of the pot.

  4. 5) Each unit can run either direction: clockwise or counter-clockwise.                       

It’s a very fast process, taking only 7 seconds to secure a pot for trimming.

We are expanding our dealer network. Continue to check back to this site to find additional dealers. 

Dealers should have inventory by mid to late April.

Until the dealer list is complete, you may contact us at:



Potter’s Love the QT2TM

The New Bailey

Quick Trim II trims every kind of shape:
Free Formed
Tall Forms